Oct 06

5 Promotion Tools for Children’s Camps

Each year parents throughout the nation are wondering how to entertain their kids during school breaks. Most camps are available in the summer time, but there is a great deal of specialty camps offered throughout the year to coincide with fall, winter, or spring breaks. There’s a plethora of rivalry among camps competing for the revenue generated by entrance fees. Following are a few marketing tips camp centers can use year round.

flyer distribution

  • Flyers Distribution – Flyers can be shown in areas with a high density of households. Grocery stores and recreation centers might have a community billboard where flyers can be posted at no cost. Schools, parks, and libraries are also great places as a large percentage of the visitors are parents with kids.
  • They can be quite useful keeping previous customers informed of changes and new programs. Newsletters are wonderful for word of mouth promotion and are a terrific source of referrals.
  • Brochures – Brochures can be exhibited in similar areas as flyers. They’re also helpful for mailing out to prospective clients with queries and handing out at open house events.
  • Door Hangers Distribution – Door hangers are helpful when targeting specific areas. They can be quite inexpensive to disperse, and can easily catch the interest of a resident.
  • Postcard – Postcards can be used in a few different ways. The first is to send to a specified mailing list in an attempt to create more business. The second technique is to have postcards available for toddlers to send home to their families with an upgrade of the expertise.

door hanger distribution

When coupled with compelling copy the advertising piece is guaranteed to be a success.

With a proper mixture of postcards, printed door hangers, flyers, newsletters, and color brochure printing, a camp is guaranteed to attain their target audience.

Walk around and see some regional businesses. You may also wish to be aware of any flyers that arrive at your door, at the article, or in your paper and contact that firm to determine if they would be interested in trying your services. If they are already advertising with flyers, then you stand a good chance of landing a job or two.

Lastly, be certain that you hire honest and dependable carriers. This is not as simple as it sounds. Take your time and be sure you hire the appropriate folks. You should also make it a policy to perform random spot checks throughout the day to make sure every door and flyer hanger gets delivered. Some of your clients will ask you what steps you have in place to stop non-delivery by unscrupulous carriers.

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