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How Hybrid based tracking is efficient?

Hybrid tracking is a combination of different tracking systems. The hybrid system is basically a positioning pinging system. This system pings the phone location and identifies the mobile phone itself. There could be many different phones on this location so it specifically tracks the phone location itself. Every phone has some kind of mark that identifies the phone as different from other phones. This follows the technique that is used by GPS. A GPS can both use GPS functioning and take different kinds of measurements to calculate the result. The results then identify the location of the phone itself. When GPS uses the network computation system to accurately calculate the location and the distance. Both results can be compared with each other to get the proper result. A few years back a theory was also presented by few experts in networking and GPS field. According to the theory, GPS can locate and get the exact position of the phone through the satellites that are able to connect from the phone. This technology is accessible to most of the service providing companies all around the globe. After getting the location of the phone the data can be sent over the network to the person who is trying to find his phone. Google Maps is one of the pioneers who avail such technology. EME or known as Cell ID also have these functionalities. These are the companies that own the hybrid system and can connect the lost phone through Wi-Fi, GSM, and LTE to locate the phone position itself.

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How Wi-Fi helps in finding your phone?

Wi-Fi is a great asset in Find your phone.A Wi-Fi means a wireless connection with the internet. Nowadays every phone is connected to the internet. A phone first connects to the wireless hub then it connects itself with the internet. Wi-Fi can then get the location of the phone on the internet. GPS is good in pinging the mobile phones but gives really bad and slow performance when it comes to indoor method. That is why different companies indulge themselves with Wi-Fi-based tracking. Different big brands induce GNSS and Wi-Fi into their manufactured phones. This increases the efficiency of those phones in many different aspects. The service provider also uses such technologies in tracking and bouncing the signal.

What privacy factors affect the tracking?

The privacy issues are forced when you are tracking a phone. This violates different laws of the user privacy. Tracking or locating the phone breaks few ethics which includes the personal data of user unless the phone which is owned by owner has been stolen or lost. Justice department lay great emphasis on the privacy law that is enforced by the different networking companies. High fines are induced on the people who violates the people personal space with prison time.  Many of secret agencies of the world violate this law by tapping into the systems of different criminals. These agencies first take issued orders from the judges then apply bugs on the person phone.

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